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FLV Editor

Do you want to edit your favorite FLV video files? You are right here. Here I recommend an excellent FLV Editor - xilisoft video converter ultimate.

This FLV Editor is an idea solution to edit the FLV files without changing the FLV format. With the FLV Editor, we can clip the video, crop the video, merge the selected FLV files into one, add watermark on the FLV file, add subtitle, customize the video effect, etc. Moreover, the FLV Editor allows us to trim one selected file into several segments and output one FLV video with several output formats. (you can click the above related links to directly reach the related edit description or refer the left navigation)

After edited, the FLV Editor can output the flv files with all common formats, such as Mp4, VOB, WMV, iPod, WMA, SWF and so on. Saved with the same format (*.FLV) is also supported.

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How to Edit FLV video files

Before the edit, please free download and install the FLV Editor and run it. You will see the following interface:
flv editor
Add the FLV video files that you want to edit, and then edit the FLV files.

Six steps to Edit FLV Video files with this flv editor software.

Step I: Clip one file into one or more segments (split)
Select one file and then click "" to enter the clip dialog:

Click "" to set start time, click "" to set end time when previewing. To create another segment, click "" and there will add one segment automatically.
split flv
In the same way, we set the start time and the end time, create new segments.

Step II: Crop the video (cut)
Click "" to enter effect dialog. select ""label to crop the FLV
cut flv
Adjust the green control points to crop the edges when previewing or set the parameters on the left to crop FLV.

Step III: Customize the video effect
Click "" to enter effect dialog. select ""label to customize the video effect
customize flv
Adjust the brightness, contrast, satunation and other effect and preview to set the video effect that you want.

Step IV: Add watermark
Click "" to enter effect dialog. select ""label to add watermark
add watermark
We can add text watermark and picture watermark. Moreover, we can set the watermark's effect.

Step V: Add subtitle
Click "" to enter effect dialog. select ""label to add subtitle
flv add subtitle
In the same time, we can adjust the subtitles effect.

Step VI: Merge files into one with the flv editor (refer the following 1,2,3) (join flv files)

1:Select the FLV files that we want to join
Move and click the mouse to select file. You can use shift and ctrl to help select. The selection way is same as the ordinary selection on windows OS.
Merge flv
Selecting the edited FLV files is also aupported, see below:

2 : Click "flv editor" to join the selected files

Merge the edited files and the screen like this:

Look at the above two snapshot, one merged file automatically created named "merged item #"( "#" represents 1,2,3...) which can be renamed.

3:Repeat Step1 and Step 2 to create another merged files.(optional)

Output one file with several output formats
Select one file and then click "" to select the output format that you want. If you want to output more than two different formats files, just repeat select file and click "Add Profile".

After the edit, we can set the output format and the output folder to save, and then clcik "" to get the edited files.

As you see, the FLV Editor has powerful edit functions, just free download and freely edit your favorite FLV file.